T-minus 10 days and counting

July 1, 2008

It’s now 10 days before I leave for Peru, and I’m beginning to feel the freak out.  On a lighter note, I’ve found an awesome new apartment.  The downside is that I need to move all of my stuff out before I leave for Peru.  Kind of gives a whole new definition to packing for a trip.

Made a trip out to St. Louis this past weekend, and I dropped in at REI in Brentwood to capitalize on their summer closeout sale.  Managed to pick up a hell of a lot of stuff including new Asolo boots, a couple shirts , some pants, and a heckuva nice daypack.  Now, can all this stuff fit into my pack?

I spoke with the project director on Saturday, while helping her move all of her stuff into a storage unit for her upcoming move to Albuquerque.  Apparently, I’ll be hitching a ride from Lima to Chiclayo on a bus along with several other project members.  It gave me flashbacks to the time I was in Peru and was forced to take a bus ride from Arequipa to Tacna because the airline I was supposed to fly on didn’t run on Thursdays.  The only other long-distance bus ride I’d been on was a massive 20-hour trek from Cedar Falls, IA, to Ithaca, NY, but that one didn’t have live chickens running in the aisle and a guitar-playing passenger in the back.


One Response to “T-minus 10 days and counting”

  1. Josh Carroll said

    Hey Dude, I tried to send you a note earlier, but I have extended family in Lima, Cusco, and another town I can’t recall… so if you run into trouble, I may be able to help. Let me know if you want some contact info. Hope your trip goes well, and I’ll be keeping tabs on ya. mahalo, and safe travels…

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